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According to TIOBE, after getting displaced by JavaScript and shifting all the way down to quantity eight in on the most popular programming languages index in 2020 — PHP has stabilized. PHP is generally used on the server-aspect for web improvement accounting for about 80% percent of websites on the web. Facebook began its journey with PHP and its role in the WordPress content management system makes it quite in style. Over 90% of the web sites use this language and it’s one of the friendliest programming languages for learners, to start with. So, there will be no shortage of alternatives should you master JavaScript.

Even, numerous famend websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and so on. are closely relying on PHP and are offering quite a few career opportunities for PHP builders often. The general-purpose programming language is developed by Microsoft primarily for its .Net framework. The language is extensively used for recreation improvement together with the event of Windows functions, server-side functions, etc.

Moreover, C# comes up with a rich set of libraries that makes it a sooner and environment friendly programming language. In the current day state of affairs, whenever there’s a discuss of android app improvement – the name of ‘Kotlin’ undoubtedly comes first! Though, a huge inclination of developers in the direction of Kotlin is observed after Google declared it as its most popular language for Android application growth. The Stack Overflow survey states that Kotlin ranks 4th among the most loved programming languages.

  • In the sphere of security researchers (aka. Ethical Hackers) Ruby obtained in style in no time.
  • If you are a developer who’s interested in learning probably the most useful and in style ones, then you have to first know which of them of the hundreds of languages to be taught.
  • The universe of programming languages is extensive and figuring out all or studying each one of them is neither sensible nor possible.
  • Thankfully, there are particular websites and platforms that create lists of the top languages, based on their popularity.
  • The list of the highest 15 programming languages of this year are given below, and it is clear that JavaScript is the most popular followed carefully by Java, Python, and others.

However, you’ll need to study other supporting languages and frameworks to pursue a career as a front-finish developer for desktop, cell app, or sport development. A profession in C++ would often involve the event of desktop applications which are targeted on efficiency-intensive tasks. Mastery of C++ can provide a deeper understanding of how programming languages and help in buying low-degree reminiscence manipulation abilities. Whatever will be the cause, here is a listing of the most well-liked programming languages across the world to know which languages are ruling the charts. This list of prime programming languages relies on the data sourced from the TIOBE Programming Community Index — a preferred indicator of the popularity of programming languages. As per the TIOBE Index for December 2020, the language secured a place beneath the highest 10 programming languages at the #8 rating. Infact, at RedMonk Ranking reports, the language is ranking at 4th place surpassing other outstanding languages like C++, Kotlin, and so forth.

And many different programming languages inherit the properties of this specific language. On the other hand, C++ is an object-oriented programming language . The language is broadly used in Game Development, GUI & Desktop applications, and Competitive Programming along with several other fields. Both C and C++ are occupying a substantial portion of the tech world and currently ranking at the prime positions on varied indexes. At the TIOBE index of 2020, C and C++ are ranking underneath the highest 5 programming languages at first and fourth position respectively.

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programing language

The demand for R programming language and the variety of individuals using it’s increasing rapidly in recent years. For the past several months, it had struggled to discover a place in the high 10. But it’s evident from its TIOBE rating that R has significantly improved by 13 locations moving up from 22 to 9 within the final one year. For data scientists, R stands as the primary alternative for statistics, graphic representation, and knowledge visualization analysis.

Also, the variety of Kotlin users within the Github group is growing significantly. The language is extensively used in Android development together with Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Scientific Applications, etc. Also, high-notch firms like Adobe, Amazon, Flipkart, and plenty of others are using JAVA and offering ravishing profession opportunities to Java builders. There are round eight million JAVA builders the world over – maybe this number might help you to assess the demand & popularity of this explicit language. Also, the language is enjoying a prime-second position among all of the programming languages within the ranking of TIOBE and PYPL. As per the RedMonk stories, JAVA is rating at 3rd place beneath JavaScript and Python solely.

It has was a Big Data tool and finds its makes use of in machine studying, and some areas of scientific computing too. The scope and way forward for R programming look fairly promising, and it is positively a secure and worthwhile profession selection for people interested in information science.